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Our junk car removal service is lightning fast. You will have cash in your hand within one hour after speaking to one of our junk car specialists.

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Are you noticing that the repair bills for your car started to increase? Has the need for a tune-up and fluid changes every few thousand miles, turned into major mechanical repairs like the engine or transmission? buying another car is going to cost you some cash, but investing in your old car too much longer is borderline crossing.

You know you won’t get much for it at the dealership and selling your junk car online takes too long. What is the solution to selling your junk car quickly?


JunkCarGurus.com is the best solution to your problem. If you have a junk car that is nearing the end of its lifetime then we have an offer for you.

Because we’re not concerned about the condition of the car like a dealership or private buyer would be, we can offer you more money for your car.


Common Questions About Junk Car Buyers

Selling your junk car to JunkCarGurus.com doesn’t take long at all. Practically it will take 10 minutes. 5 minutes over the phone to get a cash quote for your junk car value, and 5 minutes with our tower to finalize the paperwork for junking your car.
Our Junk Car Removal Process Is The easiest in the global markets, that's why we are very successful in USA, Canada, Australia, Uk and much more countries. We won't request a lot of information since we simplified the process for junk car removal & junking vehicles
While you may be thinking about car recycling because your car is not drivable or no longer functioning or safe to drive, you should know that it still has value. Even the exterior or interior damage is severe, or required a huge amount of money and work to get the car or truck up and running. all cars have something to be recycled. This includes both the parts and metal that can be given a new life once recycled. The parts that can't be recycled, will be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.
There are a lot of scams out there. We recommend checking their overall reviews and their Better Business Bureau status.
After selling your junk car to the junkcargurus.com, take your license plate to the local DMV office, once we’ve removed your junk car.

About JunkCarGurus.com

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JunkCarGurus.com for junk car removal is the number one company for buying unwanted vehicles and selling junk cars to. We pay highest dollar amount in the market. If it can be moved, we will buy it! It’s important to choose the right cash for junk cars buyers.

We at JunkCarGurus.com deal with 200+ junkyard & recycling centers locations across the United States & Canada working side by side to clean the cities from junk cars,when you call us to junk your car one of our team members will meet you on your convenient time  same day or the next day based on your availability to give you your cash and move your junk car away. We buy any car – compacts, mid-size sedans, SUVs, pickups and virtually any other style.

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  • Curtis Harry Great service fast and super easy best prices in Chicagoland area, I recommend this place Very polite and helpful... Was here fast
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  • Lisa Gave me a great offer and was even a few minutes early for my appointment. Super friendly and quick. Great service A+ would highly recommend.
  • LULU 5-star service!! fast! Trusted !! Very good price for my junk car! Thank you



JunkCarGurus.com for junk car removal is the number one company for buying unwanted vehicles and selling junk cars to. We pay highest dollar amount in the market. 


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